People Flow Analysis & Attributes Detection like Gender, Age, Mask etc.

People Flow Analysis System

People flow analysis is a tracking system. It analyses people while they enter a specific zone. It uses a webcam/IP camera as an input device and analyses the camera feed with its advanced AI algorithm almost without making any delay.

The people flow experience is all-encompassing. From the entrance point of a building, through the lobby and the final destination — through halls, spaces, and doors. Some of the essential elements of an effective people flow are the timely exchange of information, efficient travel times, clear guidance, proper navigation, secure and quick access, real-time performance monitoring, prevention of congestion, etc. As people flow management has embraced digital transformation, the power of these processes has increased. Digitized people flows also integrate and incorporate technologies, such as COVID-safe processes, destination control, and access control, in order to create a seamless process for the end users.

Do you have such scenarios?

Analysis of people flow patterns and predicting the rush, peak hours, etc. in any place.

Do you need to build Demographic Analysis in your system?

The COVID-19 pandemic made it necessary to cover the face with a mask.

It is customary politeness to respect the privacy of anyone who unintentionally found themselves in your photo.

It is crucial to hide sensitive information when sharing screenshots or files.

DreamFlow will Solve it !

Easy to Install

Easy Installation Process

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Security with MFA and Encryption

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Low Cost

Low cost and stable SaaS type service.

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Works for Everyone, Everywhere

Screen Image on the Dashboard

No need for high bandwidth internet connections and large-scale server deployments

Real-time and On-demand Visual Representation

Users can check the visual representation of saved data in the People Attribute Graph and People Flow Graph.

Analysis Results in Graphical Format like Bar Chart, Pie Chart etc.

Users will be able to see and monitor real-time analysis in Dashboard.


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